Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wolf Wars

Problem: Wolves v. Ranchers
-Ranchers losing cattle because of the increase in population of wolves. Because of this problem, ranchers take it upon themselves to hunt wolves to preserve their livestock.
These actions...
-Cause a decrease in the wolves population because ranchers are protecting their livestock,
-Make people question the population of wolves, which are spreading out all over Northern United States.

-Ranchers clean up carcasses after wolves attack their cattle to keep wolves from coming back for more.
-Ranchers learn how to deal with wolves without hunting them by scaring them off (shooting guns, take shifts watching cattle).
-Move livestock around; don't keep them in the same area all of the time.
-Douglas Chadwick

-Wolves will always be coming back to the same area, so learn how to adjust to the change.
-Andreas S. Chavez

-Find out where the wolves den and have livestock graze in the opposite area.
-Fence off the forest edge if one's land reaches it.
-When a new calf is about to be born, take the heffur back to the ranch for the birthing.
-Elizabeth H. Bradley and Daniel H. Pletscher